Serum VS Cream and Why You Need Both

This is a great question and one I hear all the time! Everyone loves our Blue Copper 5 PRIME face cream but doesn’t quite understand the purpose and phenomenal benefits...


My “Must Haves” to Look Your Best in the 30’s, 40’s 50’s and Beyond

The 30’s This is the decade when you first start to notice those subtle expression lines. Hormones levels are changing (pregnancy, stress, birth control) and collagen levels begin to dip resulting in loss of firmness, dull skin and fine wrinkles. That summer sunburn damage (from your teens) is showing up as discoloration and uneven skin [...]


Spring Cleaning For Your Skin

You’ve put the screens back in your windows and have a nice breeze wafting freshair into your home. The heavy jackets have been packed with cedar and stowed under your...