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Serum VS Cream and Why You Need Both

This is a great question and one I hear all the time! Everyone loves our Blue Copper 5 PRIME face cream but doesn’t quite understand the purpose and phenomenal benefits of the perfecting serum. Well, read on and get ready to LOVE everything SERUM!

So what does the perfecting serum do exactly? Think of the serum as the ultimate  anti-aging, plumping primer for your skin care; it lays the foundation for maximum absorption and penetration of everything applied over top. First, by super hydrating the epidermis, it enables your skin to easily absorb more of the beneficial ingredients; second, natural algae extracts gently refine texture (like an AHA but much more gentle) to sweep away dead skin cells allowing the active ingredients to penetrate better for faster results. The serum perfectly primes and prepares skin, while enhancing the benefits and results of any treatment applied afterward. Just like Batman and Robin, the serum and cream can work on their own, but these anti-aging warriors do their best work together!

But wait… there’s more to the story! Our weightless, silky serum is also a marvelous multi-tasker; if you’re like me, I love products that SIMPLIFY my daily routine. We’ve added new cutting edge ingredients and technologies to give you immediate results (instant gratification is always a plus!) and long term anti-aging benefits for a rosy future of beautiful skin; yes, the longer you use, the better your skin will look.

Here’s the bonus – more beneficial results you don’t want to miss:

  • Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38 smooths and fills expression lines and wrinkles
  • Trifluoroacetyl Tripeptide-2 visibly lifts sagging jawline and redefines facial contours with a firming/anti-gravity effect
  • Natural Algae extract gently resurfaces and refines texture
  • Protects skin from harmful MMP’s (enzymes that break down collagen); optimizes skin’s natural immune function with probiotic effect
  • Anti-pollution shield protects skin from environmental damage; provides instant lifting, smoothing/firming AND helps makeup stay on longer

Wow, we packed a lot of good stuff in one super serum! So now that you understand why serums are vital and pair perfectly with your treatment creams start using them together – it’s all about keeping your skin looking naturally healthy, smooth and radiant – for SKIN THAT LOOKS BETTER WITH AGE


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