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How Does R+R (Renovage + Retinol) Longevity Serum Benefit Skin?

As many of you know, a key philosophy here at Osmotics is staying ahead of the curve; always striving to develop new, cutting edge technologies and ingredients to keep your skin looking better....healthier and younger with every passing year. Because we are a small, independent, nimble brand we can jump on new, innovative concepts, and quickly incorporate these into new products. This strategy allows us to bring you the latest and greatest, and for me is the most exciting and rewarding aspect of creating new products!

We were the first to feature Renovage® a unique, anti-aging, technology (based on Teprenone) several years ago. It is a phenomenal, science based technology for targeting lines, wrinkles, large pores and sun damage.But now, staying true to our philosophy, I’ve updated this formula and made it even better with the addition of a new type of Retinol, considered to be one of the gold standards in topical anti-aging. There’s no doubt, Retinol is a time tested ingredient for reducing visible signs of aging, but it does have a few down sides: it can be irritating for some skin types, and chemically unstable leading to formulation issues, product breakdown and a shortened shelf life; not a great start for developing a skin care product! In the past these challenges have made me hesitant to formulate with Retinol...until now! We’ve discovered a new, innovative Retinol delivery system that overcomes all these issues; it’s a patented, micro particle (think super tiny sponge) that holds up to 50% more Retinol and features a time released delivery that dramatically reduces irritation. The higher concentration provides superior efficacy with ZERO irritation so you see BEAUTIFUL RESULTS FASTER! Plus, the tiny super sponges stabilize Retinol to prevent degradation; you get optimal performance and longer shelf life.

And because I always want to bring you the BEST of everything, we’ve still included all the unique, anti-aging powerhouses found in the original Renovage Longevity Serum: a patented peptide combination to target DEEP furrows, a mega anti-oxidant that fights free radical damage and wrinkle smoothing botanical extracts that visibly smooth, soften and refine skin texture. All in all the results are in:

  • Visibly reduces fine lines, wrinkles and sun damage
  • Refines texture and minimizes pore size
  • Time released Retinol - Higher Concentration, Lower Irritation

Every skin type can benefit from a little R+R. It’s truly a match made in heaven!!

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