Company Values

The following statements outline Osmotics positions on key issues facing our company and the community at large.

Independent Clinical Testing
Osmotics featured technologies are tested in Independent Clinical Studies. We work closely with leading research facilities and world renowned scientists who are responsible for continual exploration of new technologies and advanced therapies focused in dermatology, skin aging, and nanotechnology. This innovative approach sets Osmotics apart and provides you with breakthrough cosmeceutical and anti-aging products.

Product Safety
Consumer safety has always been top priority at Osmotics. To ensure the safety of all products, formulations and their packaging must exceed the high Company standards for ingredient preservation and stability, product efficacy, and package compatibility. Osmotics is committed to maintaining our exemplary safety record.

Animal Testing
Osmotics cosmetic products are tested for irritancy and allergy, using biological assays and human volunteers. Osmotics does not test these products on animals and is proud to feature cruelty-free products.

The Osmotics Promise
Osmotics will strive to develop and produce the highest quality cosmeceuticals, featuring breakthrough, proven technologies and more of the award winning products that have defined Osmotics as the leader in cosmeceutical skincare.