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Why Most Moisturizers Don’t Really Work

You slather on creams but your skin still looks dry and dehydrated; here’s why.

Does your skin seem to be getting dryer with every New Year? Have you tried moisturizers that seem to work well at first but then you notice the dryness gradually starts settling in again. Sound familiar? Well don’t worry; you’re not alone! There are literally thousands of moisturizers on the market but very few are properly formulated to target the actual underlying cause of dry/dehydrated skin. Many traditional moisturizers merely mask or temporarily reduce dry skin symptoms but long term use may actually make the condition worse! Ok, now that I’ve got your attention, let’s begin with an understanding of what causes dry skin in the first place; then I’ll explain how it can be easily resolved with the right topical products.

The skin’s outermost layers, collectively known as the stratum corneum, serve as a protective barrier against excessive water loss and environmental aggressors and provide the first line of defense against the visible signs of environmental aging. Healthy looking, attractive skin is directly related to a healthy moisture barrier. As we age, the gradual loss of skin’s natural epidermal lipids can disrupt the skin barrier causing it to degrade. This loss of lipids along with environmental toxins, exposure to air pollution, electronic pollution (blue light from cell phones and computers), UV radiation, changes in humidity, common moisturizers and drying topical treatments, psychological stress and the skin’s natural aging process all contribute to disruptions of the barrier that can lead to dryness, irritation, signs of premature aging, and acceleration of fine lines and wrinkles.

The stratum corneum is composed of bilayer sheets of three dominant epidermal lipids including cholesterol, fatty acids and ceramides, all necessary for restoring, fortifying and maintaining a healthy moisture barrier. Published scientific research by dermatologists has shown that a specific combination of all three lipids applied topically, fortifies the barrier and enhances its recovery. These epidermal lipids are the ultimate ingredients for topical skin moisturizers as they occur naturally in the skin and can be quickly and efficiently utilized to optimize the moisture barrier. No matter how much or how often you apply moisturizers, if they aren’t helping restore the moisture barrier (to hold water content) they will only provide a temporary fix. And constantly coating the skin with heavy occlusive waxes/oils without restoring the natural barrier may actually slow the production of these essential lipids thus aggravating the issue over time! (Example – have you ever applied certain lip balms and noticed that the more you used the more you needed; the addiction made your lips even dryer!). Hydration is important but won’t solve the problem alone unless combined with these natural epidermal lipids to fortify the barrier for moisture retention.

All of our moisturizers feature this unique combination of epidermal lipids to restore, fortify and maintain a healthy moisture barrier. And by the way, did I mention we did it first, way back in 2000!

But we didn’t stop there, our high tech, age defying  moisturizers provide an Anti-Pollution Shield to fight the complete spectrum of Aging Free Radicals, Environmental Pollution and Electromagnetic Pollution from the aging effects of artificial Blue Light emitted from cell phones, computers and daily use of electronic devices. Wow, the perfect combination of proven moisturizing technology and total skin defense all in one! Our unique formulas are essential for keeping skin looking soft, smooth and healthy while helping prevent the visible signs of environmental aging. Your skin will look and act younger now, and for years to come!


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