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Face Moisturizer: Why, When and How to Use It

Do you moisturise your skin on a daily basis? You should if you don't already. Men and women can both benefit from using a high-quality face moisturizer every day. Moisturizing your face will help you appear and feel younger by giving you softer, more elastic skin and keeping it nourished. All of these things are vital if you want to seem as youthful as possible in the next years. However, while it may appear that moisturising on a regular basis is simple, there are a few things to consider before using it.

The benefits of using Moisturizer s are:

  • protect the skin from the sun, wind, cold
  • nourish the skin
  • moisturize the skin
  • comfort and plump the skin
  • improve skin’s quality
  • slow down the natural moisture loss
  • prevent skin dehydration
  • work as a day treatment
  • create a base for the makeup application
  • prevent dryness and cracking
  • keep the skin smooth and supple

To begin, now that you are aware of the benefits of moisturising, including anti-aging effects, you should learn more about when and how to use moisturiser. You may feel that applying any lotion to your face would provide you with the benefits, but this is not the case. Only use a moisturiser developed specifically for the face and with SPF 15 or greater protection. Moisturizers for men and women are available in a variety of formulas.

To build the habit, moisturise at the same time every day, such as after you shower or shave. Because your skin is still damp, now is a good time to apply moisturiser. This moisture will help in the lotion's absorption. Wash your skin gently with a light cleanser before applying moisturiser. You don't want something too harsh. While your skin is still slightly damp, apply the moisturiser in gentle upward strokes. This helps the moisturiser to enter the pores and stay there. The moisturiser will be absorbed very instantaneously by your skin and will be totally absorbed within five to ten minutes.

Most people will be OK with over-the-counter moisturisers, but select one that is suited for their skin type. For example, if you have oily skin, avoid using a moisturiser designed for dry skin. You will surely notice considerable benefits over time if you use the proper moisturiser on a daily basis.

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Osmotics Moisturizers lowers the frequency of skin issues. Using the correct moisturizer for your skin type might help it keep its equilibrium. Many common skin disorders, such as acne, begin to appear when the skin becomes excessively dry or too greasy. If your skin is greasy, seek for lotions rather than creams, and attempt to locate a moisturizer with an exfoliating element. If you have dry skin, search for a cream, which has a greater oil content.

Moisturizing can help to lessen the visibility of additional imperfections. Freshly moisturised skin has a healthy glow that can help to conceal any imperfections. Some moisturizer s contains a tint or self-tanner that may be used on any skin tone.

Moisturizing keeps your skin sparkling. The most sensitive regions of your skin, such as your face, ears, neck, and chest, replace themselves more frequently than any other. This regular loss of skin cells exposes these places to dryness and the environment, making them high-risk sites for skin cancer. Moisturizing can provide the boost your sensitive skin requires to restore itself and stay healthy.

Moisturizing helps to prevent wrinkles. That full, firm sensation in your face after moisturising isn't a trick of the light. People with well hydrated skin, on average, acquire wrinkles at a quarter of the pace of individuals with dry skin.

It's best to take a hot shower. Let's face it: a hot shower feels amazing and refreshing, but it also removes the moisture from your skin. Taking a minute to apply moisturizer will ensure that your skin is not only clean, but also protected from the stressors of the day and feels amazing.


Moisturizers have two primary functions in keeping our skin moist and smooth.

Some moisturizer s work by establishing a layer over the skin to minimise trans epidermal water loss. The created layer minimises the quantity of water lost through the skin due to evaporation.

Other moisturizer s extract moisture from the environment and cling to the water molecules on the skin's surface. This leads in moisturised skin.

The optimum time to apply moisturizer is immediately after a bath, while the skin is still wet. This helps to keep moisture in the skin.

Applying a moisturizer to dry skin is like locking in the moisture. You can't rely on moisture taken from the environment to keep your skin moisturised.

After washing your face, apply moisturizer.

We'll start with the most basic and well-known: moisturise your face immediately after washing it. When your skin is wet, it is preferable to apply moisturizer to help seal in hydration. Apply your moisturizer before your skin has completely dried after cleaning.

Apply Moisturizer Before Bed

Apply a super-hydrating and cooling moisturizer before going to bed to make the most of your beauty sleep. While you sleep, your skin enters into repair mode, so if you put on products with beneficial components, your skin can reap the advantages while you sleep.

In the morning, apply moisturizer.

You might be tempted to overdo the night moisturizer and leave it on all day, but if you're cleaning your face in the morning (which you should be), you should follow up with moisturizer. Even with a skinimalist makeup approach, moisturising should be the final step in your skin care routine before applying makeup primer or foundation. Look for a moisturizer that contains broad-spectrum sunscreen and use it as prescribed.

Apply Moisturizer Before and After Flight

While most of us are relieved to be able to resume our travels (hooray for globe-trotting), the cabin of an aeroplane can have unusually dry air. This can have an effect on your skin, so keep ahead of the game by washing your skin promptly with a rinse-free cleanser.

Use a moisturizer. When You're Getting Out

We understand that when you're looking in the mirror and dealing with an unexpected breakout, moisturizer may seem like the last thing you want to apply on your face. However, drying out your skin will not benefit you. Maintaining a regular skin care routine, which includes moisturising twice a day, is always a good idea. Depriving your skin of essential moisture can have a negative impact, which you may end up paying for with more than just unsightly pimples.

When You Don't Want To Wear Makeup, Apply Moisturizer

If you want to go bare-faced, a moisturizer is a great method to keep your skin appearing fresh, moisturised, and natural. While it may not provide the same level of coverage as makeup, it will smooth out your skin and hide blemishes to give you a lovely overall complexion.

Before making virtual calls, apply moisturizer.

Virtual meetings will occur whether you continue to work from home full-time or report to in-person work a few days a week. A facial moisturizer will hydrate and smooth out your face, giving you the perfect complexion for applying your favourite makeup or getting you camera-ready without foundation and highlighter. If you sit in natural light, your skin will seem more-fresh and may even have a brilliant shine.


Moisturizers should be applied to clean skin after cleansing it, since they keep skin from drying out after washing. They also work best when applied to slightly damp skin since they lock in moisture.

Then, using your fingertips, apply a pea-sized quantity of moisturizer to your face and gently work it in with circular motions until it's completely absorbed.

Moisturizers have been around for generations. Using and applying moisturizer s is necessary for all skin types and ages. Moisturizers shield the skin from environmental aggressors, keep it hydrated, and keep it looking healthy.

Moisturizing is important, but it's also simple to do wrong, leaving skin oily, pimply, or even drier. Follow these skincare rules to get healthy and glow in the best way possible.

First, wash your face.

You must cleanse your face regardless of when you apply the moisturizer. This method removes perspiration, filth, makeup, and other contaminants. This allows the cream to infiltrate your pores and do its work. To properly remove it, use a moderate facial cleanser.

Application to wet skin

Apply moisturizer on wet skin only. It will not work if you wait for your face to totally dry. When applied on wet skin, creams are more able to seal in moisture. Pat your skin dry once you've finished.

Use minimal amounts.

Using little amounts of moisturizer is the best method to apply it. Using more does not necessarily result in better results. It takes longer to rub the cream on your face than when you apply less. The lotion should be able to seep into your skin rather than feeling sticky.

Smooth it out.

Instead of applying it with your finger, apply it in little patches all over your face and smooth it out. You will be able to apply the cream to every part of your face this manner.

Care Forever:

Choose a moisturizer that is appropriate for your skin type. Burke Williams provides hydrating solutions for all skin types, from dry to oily. If you already have a favourite moisturizer and want to take it to the next level, mix in a few drops of the H2V Moisture Enhance serum - it infuses your moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid and humectants for the best moisture experience.

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