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Happy 2018! Out With the Old, In With the New...SKIN, That Is!

As we head into a bright new year, it’s the perfect time to jump start your skin care routine and clear out the flakey, dull, dead skin cells that start to build up during the dry, cold, harsh winter months.Combine cold winter climates, dry heated air, the use of heavier moisturizers and you’ve just created the perfect storm leading to a disrupted moisture barrier, and a dry, flakey, dull, dehydrated skin surface. And after all the holiday stress, parties, rich food and outdoor activities, your skin needs a serious reset to bring back that glow!

So what’s the easiest, fastest and most effective way to tackle this seasonal conundrum? A gentle, surface peel is the perfect solution. Now is NOT the time to use anything harsh or abrasive as skin is already in a delicate state. So enter our perfect solution: MICRO PEEL 3-Step Skin Resurfacing System.

I haven’t typically been a fan of peels but my super gentle, naturally based 3-step system is unique: it features an interactive 3-step process and works very gradually over time (30 days) to insure maximum results with zero irritation. It works on all skin types, especially sensitive ones (like mine!) that typically cannot use peels or skin renewal products. Just be patient and give it a month; I promise the beautiful results will be worth the wait! The easy to use system will gently and gradually remove dead surface debris, refine skin texture, visibly brighten dull skin, increase moisture retention and leave skin looking healthy and glowing. PLUS, afterward, when you go back to your regular treatment products, they will penetrate more effectively (after sloughing off the dry, dead skin cells) and you’ll see even better results, faster!

Let’s briefly review each step; I want you to know how simple and easy this is to use.(Don’t worry, the complete detailed directions are provided with the system and cover everything!)

Step 1 - Polish – Exfoliating Charcoal Mask -
Deep cleanses, absorbs toxins and gently loosens surface debris; prepares skin for next step.

Step 2 – Peel – Collagen Boosting Micro Peel –
Natural (eco-certified) tropical fruit extracts enhance cell turnover, refine texture and pore size, smooth fine lines and visibly brighten dull/stressed skin.

Step 3 – Protect – Protective Barrier Cream –
Features skin identical natural epidermal lipids to fortify skin’s protective moisture barrier; defends skin from visible signs of environmental stressors and aging leaving it comfortably hydrated, soft and smooth.

Just set aside your current night time routine and use all 3 steps every night for 30 days. You’ll see a brand new skin to go with a brand new year!

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