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Five Simple Ways to Take Off Ten Years

Are you adding years to your face every morning at the make-up mirror?

As we mature our faces change. The little areas we used to touch up with a bit of concealer or foundation begin to get larger, more frequent, and our skin begins to take on a more yellow hue. And what’s our solution when our usual cosmetics don’t work as we’re used to? Use more of them!

Unfortunately, treating our skin as we did ten years ago can lead to some pretty undesirable results. I frequently see women make cosmetic mistakes that end up aging rather than enhancing the face.

Here are a few major things to avoid, and simple ways to put your freshest face forward.

1. Tame your impulse to over-use foundation.As we age we need less and less foundation, not more and more. Many women, worried about their skin’s changing texture and tones as they mature, start heaping on more and more foundation, which is a critical error. Foundation tends to give a mask-like effect, and can accentuate every fine line on the face. The result is artificial and heavy – the exact opposite of youthful! Apply and blend foundation only where you have any uneven skin tone and only where you need it (usually around nose, under eyes, or any red or splotchy area). Or, simply wear a light-weight tinted moisturizer with SPF protection for a natural healthy look.

2. Find “Light Reflective” and “Soft Focus” Pigments.We started to see these magical concoctions a few years ago, and they really do work beautifully. They are available in a variety of creams, lotions, etc. and give the face an instant lift by reflecting light and minimizing the look of fine lines and wrinkles. Look for products with a "soft focus effect", which is smoothing and subtle, and stay away from anything with too much sparkle or glitter.

3. Toss out your brown lipstick. Brown is too harsh; we want fresh and soft. Stay with medium to light shades of roses and pinks ( try pinky roses, or even copper roses) but leave the extreme colors to the teens and twentysomethings. Soft reds can look stunning but stay away from flat, matte intense reds that, again, create unflattering contrast on your face. And, while we’re on the subject, I’d like to do a quick Lip Pencil 101: lip pencils are great to add subtle definition but please make sure they work with your natural lip tone and closely match the lip color itself. And please don’t use a dark liner with a light shade of lipstick –it’s an instant passport to 1985. You should apply lip pencil AFTER lip color so the line doesn't show and isn’t obvious. And don’t even ask – your dark brown lip liner should already be in the trash. Enough said.

4. Abstain from facial bronzer.Many skin tones take on a yellow undertone as they mature, and applying bronzer (or self tanner) to the face only intensifies this. Instead of enhancing your skin tones you’ve just given yourself the infamous Jaundice Makeover. Stick with creamy natural pinks and rosy blushes for a healthy “just came back from yoga class” glow to your skin. Nothing looks fresher or younger, plus, you didn’t have to do thirty reps of the Downward-facing Dog pose.

5. Get a face-lift, don’t get surgery.At one time or another we’ve all considered some pretty drastic options to look younger. These days, though, there are some fantastic new options that are non-invasive ways to perk up your skin and even your complexion. One procedure that is increasing daily in popularity is LED Treatments. Available in many spas and department stores (as well as dermatologists’ offices), this quick and painless treatment uses specific wavelengths of light to stimulate collagen production and encourage healthy skin.

Remember – when emphasizing the youthful beauty in your face it’s most important to think “soft, natural, warm.”Many women I work with are often surprised at how simple it is to turn the clock back years by making a few small changes and breaking a few bad habits. It can be so easy to fall into over-using cosmetics or emphasizing the wrong colors, so take a good look at your skincare and make-up regimen. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but a youthful glow is always in. So toss out the browns and bronzers, and step into the new season with a healthy fresh face that looks years younger!



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