Blue Light Treatment

Why Pollution & Blue Light May Be Aging Your Skin ~ Start Protecting It NOW



We all know that pollution can be harmful to our environment but now it's becoming personal. Particulate Matter (PM2's) exhaust fumes, toxic chemicals, all types of pollution including invisible electromagnetic pollution and BLUE LIGHT from cell phones and computers are proving to be bad news for our skin, our body's largest organ.

We've long suspected that airborne particulate matter was not good for our skin but now we have studies that provide a link to visible signs of aging skin. Plus the latest research shows that not only air pollution but also electromagnetic pollution or EMR (electromagnetic radiation) and Blue Light emitted from the screens of cell phones and computers are environmental stressors that can cause increases in free radical production, weakening of the stratum corneum (outer layer of skin), dullness, dry, uncomfortable skin and other negative effects that can lead to signs of accelerated aging in the skin. Wow, scary stuff! So what do we do, since it's next to impossible to function in our world without cell phones and computers.....ahhh the joys of technology!

Well, now for the good news; technologies are not only advancing in the electronic device world but also in the skin care world! We've discovered, ͚cutting edge, new technologies that can actually protect your skin from the newest hazards of daily life. One of those technologies is our Interpenetrating Biopolymer Network or IBPN technology for short. In simple terms, think of it as a natural, skin compatible polymer that acts like a second skin to provide an anti-pollution shield; keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. This eco designed second skin, also provides an anti-wrinkle, line smoothing effect- what's not to love!

Next, to tackle that nasty Blue Light from your ever glowing smart phone; I've included a new patent pending ingredient that protects skin from the negative effects of blue light and electromagnetic radiation, that can wreak havoc on your skin.And now for the best news of all, I've included BOTH ingredients in our newest, skin care innovation, INNERLIGHT BIO-DEFENSE PRIMER. This multi-tasking primer not only blurs lines, wrinkles and imperfections, so your skin looks beautifully real, it also protects from the damaging effects of environmental and electromagnetic pollution; a match made in heaven!

So start protecting your skin now for a beautiful future!

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